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8/31/11 03:33 pm - Kylie Minogue -Enjoy Yourself (1989) (195913)


<niles> i just baught this kick ass afgan rug downtown

<niles> it has landmines, pistols and attack helicopters

8/29/11 01:40 pm - Madonna - The Unreleased (2010) (173930)


<StrScream> my pants are back up, after almost no downtime in the last 2 years.

8/28/11 12:08 am - Various artist (624276)

Lenny Kravitz - Black And White America

Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (2009)

Morcheeba - Parts Of The Process

Alizee - Psychedelices (2007)

Depeche Mode - 2011 - Strangelove [mixed by monotype]

Fatboy Slim 2006 The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder

U96 - Best Hits

Eric Clapton — Clapton (2010)

Modern Talking - Best Of The Best (Remix Version) 2011

<cj_> i hate it when someone at work has to point out to me that my

shirt is both inside out and backwards.

<jej> is it?

<cj_> it is.

<cj_> i pulled the whole Fashion Statement routine..

8/27/11 06:28 pm - Morcheeba - Parts Of The Process (2003) (027216)


* Shi-chan beats Tino down

<Shi-chan> DIE

<Tino> haha

* Shi-chan takes out a spoonn


<ilifin> there is no spoon

8/27/11 02:50 pm - The Offspring - Greatest Hits (138829)


<[DeViL]Hawk> dammit u sothern punk my mums rich i looked at the price list

<FanBoy|Away> er? your mum is on a price list...figures

8/26/11 10:45 pm - Kylie Minogue - Kylie (1988) (898064)


ilsa: well i suppose calculus isn't rocket science and some people can't do that...

MistrE: calc is nearly rocket science

CuriosCat can do rocket science

CuriosCat: it's easier than calculuc

CuriosCat: caalculus

8/26/11 05:10 pm - Lady Gaga - Reloaded (2010) s (300343)


<jamesm> is it worth going to see Moulin Rouge?

<Tippytoes> dont be a fag

<MMouse> i saw it twice. it was excellent

<Tippytoes> i rest my case.

8/26/11 04:35 pm - Vanessa Mae - Greatest Hits (833701)


<halos> i went to lunch with a couple co-workers and before we left they both

+went to the bathroom

<halos> when they came back out I asked, "Who won?"

8/25/11 03:16 pm - KoRn - KoRn III Remember Who You Are (2010) (778110)


<ChuffyCow> Norman Virus Defense -- a fat geek sits on your computer, and spills donuts and coke on your computer, "disinfecting it"

8/25/11 02:39 pm - Keith Richards - Vintage Vinos(2010) (755890)


<Ez> I'm having an orgy tonight

<Ez> Right decided to invite left and her friend pillow
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